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Ukrainian Archive
Investigation into the Destruction of the Mariupol Synagogue

Investigation into the Destruction of the Mariupol Synagogue

The Ukrainian Archive preserves, analyses, and memorializes documentation of the international human rights and humanitarian laws violations to support accountability, advocacy, and transitional justice. We also provide capacity-building trainings to our partners in Ukraine and support accountability work on the ground.

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Archiving and Investigating

Since March 2022, Ukrainian Archive has been working on the creation of a digital memory of the crime of aggression, human rights violations, and war crimes committed in Ukraine by all parties. We collect, preserve, process, verify and investigate data collected. Explore our investigations and analysis here.

Supporting Accountability Efforts

Our goal is to support the important work of investigative journalists, human rights activists, and criminal justice practitioners on the violations of public international law, and to provide potential evidence used for legal case building.

Providing Capacity-Building Trainings

We provide capacity-building trainings to international and Ukrainian partners on the collection, verification, and investigation of open-source information concerning human rights violations.

Supporting Transitional Justice

We believe in transitional justice, as without accountability sustainable peace is very difficult to achieve. It is important to build a digital memory about the tragedy which began on 24 February 2022, when the life of each Ukrainian anywhere in the world changed for generations to come. We support those looking to preserve their stories and start building a new chapter of Ukrainian history with a focus on reconciliation and sustainable peace.

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